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Lab Water System
ZYDP DNA Analysis Demineralized Water Machine Small DI System


ZYDP super micro ultrapure water machine is composed of pre-treatment column, RO membrane and ultrapure cartridge with intelligent design and high standard water quality for high-level laboratory experiments. The PLC touch screen operation is smart like handphone. English interface read easily and conveniently. Good consumables filtrate and remove the ions, microparticle, organics, bacteria, virus, residual chlorine and other impurities to get 2-10us/cm RO water  and 15-18.25MΩ.cm ultrapure water.


Model List of Small DI System:

Optional configuration: PLC touch screen, terminal filter, UF module, UV lamp, ozone generator, EDI module, sterile water tank, etc.


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1. PLC Touch Screen: Colorful and intelligent; ( resolution ratio: high definition; size: 111*62 mm)

2. Pre-treatment system:

PP filter (DN: 5 μm or 1um): efficiently filtrate silt, rust, suspended matter, algo, colliod and all impurities whose diameter is over than 5 μm in the raw water.

AC filter:  to adsorb residual chlorine, pigment, off-flavor, and part of organic matters.

3. Reverse osmosis system: This filtration technique make use of pressure differential as impetus to produce deionized water by RO membrane. Desalinization rate: ≥ 99.5%.

4. Ultra-pure cartridge: replace positive ion and negative ion by resin. It can steadily produce 18.25MΩ.cm ultra-pure water.

5. UV lamp(185nm&254nm): disinfection and sterilization. Efficiently reduce TOC.

6. Terminal filter: 0.2um or 0.22um bore diameter can filtrate colliod, microorganism, particles, endotoxin, bacteria, etc.

7. UF module: MWCO5000Dalton filtrate ecdotoxin, bacteria and virus;

8. Sterile water tank: specialty storage RO water and ultrapure water.


.Automatic microcomputer ZYDP big color touch screen LCD display, human-machine interactive interface allow you to fully monitor the working status of the controller and real-time data (resolution: HD,size: 111x62mm).

·  Automatic RO membrane anti-fouling flushing (2-hour interval ).

·  Comprehensive system maintenance and alarm.

· User-friendly manual / automatic water intake mode, and timing (1-99min), qualitative water intake function (0.1-18.2MΩ.cm).

·  Dual wavelength (185nm & 254nm)UV lamp components (imported lamp), effective sterilization, reduce TOC.

·  MWCO5000DUF ultrafiltration module (imported), effective removal of heat (endotoxin), can be used for sophisticated cell culture and IVF. 


Small DI System