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Lab Water System
China High Quality HOCl Generator Hypochlorous Acid Generator Acidic Water Making Machine

ZYWS hypochlorous acid water generatorZYWS hypochlorous acid water generator is a hypochlorous acid-based water generator specially developed by our company for water channel sterilize and diagnosis and treatment of oral comprehensive treatment tables.

Compared with traditional use effect



HClO water

Continuous sterilize, thorough sterilize, non-toxic through the mouth, High security, automatic sterilize and long-lasting antibacterial.

High equipment cost

peroxyacetic acid

All belong to medium and high-efficiency chemical sanitizer, which can sterilize waterways and control the formation of
biofilms. However, it cannot replace water for diagnosis and treatment, and frequent chemical sterilize is required, which
increases the workload of medical staff chemical sterilize is required, which increases the workload of medical staff

The manual sterilize operation is complex, frequent sterilize, easy parts corrosion, water leakage, valve damage,
There is a risk of chemical residues and has certain toxicity

Hydrogen peroxide

Chlorine Disinfectant

ozone water

Low ozone sterilize rate, easy to escape, strong corrosion

Model list

1.Colorless transparent liquid, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-residue, broad-spectrum sterilize, rapid, easy to use.

2.Concentration control by different levels is adopted, and one machine can be used for two purposes, completely solving the water sterilize and diagnosis and treatment water of the comprehensive treatment table, and effectively reducing microbial pollution.

3.It adopts PLC intelligent control and touch screen man-machine interface, which is easy to operate and can detect various water quality indicators online to ensure that the produced water is qualified.

4.Multiple uses, can replace compound borax gargle, and is suitable for sanitation of hands, skin and mucous membranes, general object surfaces and environmental surfaces, and sterilize of textile items.