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Lab Water System
ZYP ultra pure water machine

Flow Schematic


1. PLC Touch Screen: Colorful and intelligent; ( resolution ratio: high definition; size: 111*62 mm)

2. Pre-treatment system:

PP filter (DN: 5 μm): efficiently filtrate silt, rust, suspended matter, algo, colliod and all impurities whose diameter is over than 5 μm in the raw water.

AC filter:  to adsorb residual chlorine, pigment, off-flavor, and part of organic matters.

3. Reverse osmosis system: This filtration technique make use of pressure differential as impetus to produce deionized water by RO membrane. Desalinization rate: ≥ 99.5%.

4. Ultra-pure cartridge: replace positive ion and negative ion by resin. It can steadily produce 18.25MΩ.cm ultra-pure water.



Features and Advantages     

Colorful high-resolution touch screen controlling system, achieve finger-touch new experience.    

3 way online water quality sensor, detect the quality of feed water,  RO water,and ultrapurewater respectively.     

And warn once water quality´s standard exceeding.    

Built-in 2 pump- RO pump and circulating sanitizing pump.    

All Cartridges replacing alarm function, based on time, flux and water quality, show cartridges´ used and residual life.    

Multiple alarm function: no feed water, full water, water quality’s standard exceeding, cartridge life ending and leakage.    

Auto self-flushing of RO membrane function (interval and continuous time setting), extend RO membrane’s life.    

Auto running data storing function with built-in SD card, and data can be exported through the USB interface.    

Built-in perpetual calendar clock for cartridges and service setting.    

System sanitizing procedure, achieve the disinfection of ultrapure water’s tube and valve. 

System circulation function, achieve ultrapure water’s circulation to keep top quality of ultrapure water.    

Level II password, protect all the parameters setting, and prohibit any unauthorized setting change.    

The system can be fit with a 30 liter conical-bottomed PE tank with a liquid level sensor   

and a tank vent filter with CO2 scavenger to prevent pure water from contamination by the surrounding air.    

Whole plastic shell with high-strength, avoid rusting and keep clean, to meet GLP standard.    

2 door and easy-to-replacing cartridge design, convenient to maintain system and replace cartridges.    

Tube and adapter with NSF authorization and top quality, reduce TOC level and assure ultrapure water’s quality.    

RO module with DOW’s membrane, ensure long life, stable operation and high desalinization rate.    

Ultrapure cartridge with DOW’s top polishing resin, ensure ultrapure water’s quality up to

18.2 MΩ.cm, with the lowest TOC level.    

Double wavelength (185&254nm) ultraviolet lamp module, restrain bacteria’s increase and reduce TOC.    

Terminal disinfection filter, assure that terminal pure water is absolutely axenic.    

Typical Scientific Applications    

○ ICP-MS(Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry)    

○ Molecular biology techniques    

○ Ultra trace analysis    

○ Electrochemistry    

○ Electrophoresis    

○ GFAAS(Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry)    

○ HPLC    

○ IC(Ion Chromatography)    

○ ICP-AES(Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry)    

○ Mammalian and bacterial cell culture    

○ Molecular biology    

○ Plant tissue culture    

○ Qualitative analysis