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Water Treatment
Automatic RO Water Plant

ZYRO series pure water equipment uses modern new type of reverse osmosis membrane filtration techonlogy to remove more than 99% ions, organic, inorganic, bacteria, colloid, heavy metal ion, particles. 



Water production 500L/H (Customized is available.)
Working pressure0.2-0.4 Mpa
Water temperature5-40 ℃
RO membrane DN0.0001-0.001um
Ion removal rate≥99%;
 Endotoxin, bacterial removal rate≥99%;
Effluent conductivity ≤ 15us / cm (source water quality TDS <200ppm)



Water yield




Body Size

(L*W*H mm)

Water Tank


1ZYRO-250250380/2.51400*700*1640250/stainless steel/PE
2ZYRO-500500380/3.51400*700*1640500/stainless steel/PE
3ZYRO-750750380/4.51400*700*1640750/stainless steel/PE
4ZYRO-10001000380/6.01400*700*16401000/stainless steel/PE
5ZYRO-15001500380/7.01500*800*18001500/stainless steel/PE
6ZYRO-20002000380/8.01500*800*18002000/stainless steel/PE
7ZYRO-30003000380/9.51800*800*20003000/stainless steel/PE
8ZYRO-50005000380/11.51800*800*20005000/stainless steel/PE

 Note: 1. The RO membrane can't produce water when the temperature is lower than 0℃.

2. The machine needs to be changed double RO system or other better configuration if the TDS of feed water is more than 1000ppm.


SUS304 Cheap Price Deionized Water Purification System with ISO9001

* Operation: Siemens PLC+touch screen;

* Booster pump: provide pressure to multi-media filter and AC filter;

* Multi-media filter: get rid of turbidity, sediment, silt, rust, ago, colloid and part of organics;

* AC filter: adsorb residual chlorine, color, smell, harmful matter, organic matters;

* Softener resin: exchange Mg2+ and Ca2+ to Na+ to prevent scale;

* Cartridge filtration: filtrate microparticles whose accuracy is larger than 5um;

* High pressure pump: provide pressure to RO membrane;

* RO membrane: 0.0001-0.001um; remove more than 99% salt ions, organic matters, bacteria, virus, endotoxin, etc. 

Optional configuration: EDI system, UF system, UV lamp, ozone generator, etc.


1. High-precision filter, the aperture of nano-level, the best water quality

2. Manual / electric control system automatically switch;

3. With a self-test, water-free point automatically open the system of water, water full stop, no pressure protection and other safety devices;

4. With open RO membrane automatic washing and water tank full automatic double wash function, can extend the life of RO membrane;

5.  With on-line monitoring of water quality (conductivity display), flow and pressure on-line display;

6. Equipment integration, installation is simple, simple operation, no special duty;

7. Equipment failure with automatic alarm function;

8.High water production, high desalination rate, long service life;

9. Core components (pumps, RO membrane, electronic control systems, etc.) imported / domestic joint venture brand;

10. Equipment rack with stainless steel, low-pressure pipe for the UPVC material, high-pressure pipe using SUS304 stainless steel.


SUS304 Cheap Price Deionized Water Purification System with ISO9001

*. Beverage, purifier water, distilled water, mineral water, pure water, wine industry;

*. Domestic/home drinking water;

*. Hotel, school, farm, factory;

SUS304 Cheap Price Deionized Water Purification System with ISO9001

Why choose us : 

1. Professional manufacturer : More than 10 years experience in prodcuing pure water treatment system.

2. Strict time control : Ensure delivery time. 

3. Factory strength:  The factory area is more than 2000m3, more than 100 workers.

4. After-sales service : 24 Hours online for service.

5. Customized is available. Sample order is available.