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Lab Water System
ZYKQ Pure water equipment in stomatology departmen


ZYKQ cleaning pure water equipment is a cleaning pure water production system with exquisite design, low energy consumption, fully automatic control and unattended cleaning according to the requirements of the People's Republic of China health industry standard WS506-2016 dental equipment disinfection and sterilization technical operation specifications. The membrane method RO+ sterilization device is used for purification, and the pollutants and bacteria in the water are removed by 99.6%. This product uses nano-scale filter membrane to purify tap water that conforms to GB5749 into purified water that conforms to hospital stomatology and dental disinfection and cleaning, and adopts dual-wavelength ultraviolet digestion instrument for sterilization and chemical disinfection pipeline design, which can be used for the majority of stomatology departments. Customers solve dental treatment disinfection cleaning water.



ModelSmall floor-standing one-pieceEngineering machine version
Influent water sourceTotal dissolved solids content TDS<300ppm, water pressure 1.0-5.0kg/cm2, the best working water temperature is 25℃
water production20/40/60/80L/hour100L/120L/150L/hour250/500L/hour 1000/2000L/hour
Water flow rate1.8L-2.0L/min10-15L/min15L-30L/min
RO effluent qualityConductivity 2-15μS/cm (online monitoring)
RO membrane pore size: 0.0001~0.001um
Microparticles (≥0.2um) <1/ml
Sterilization device185/254nm dual wavelength UV sterilization and digestion instrument + chemical disinfection module
Host size (mm) D530*W420*H1120 D700*W520*H1470 D900*W700*H1700 D1600*W800*H1600
Water pretreatment 20 inch pretreatment systemPretreatment Tank SystemPretreatment Tank System
Weight (kg)45KG70kg200kg300-400kg
Power (W)50W-100W200-250W1000W1500W
Scope of application1. Utensil washing, student experiment
2. Preparation of chemical solution biochemical reagents;
3. Buffer, washing machine, autoclave;
4. Dental treatment cleaning, rinsing, and preparation of cleaning solution;
This system is suitable for: cleaning water for dental treatment machines such as Zhian, Yinhu, Kangda, Jiayou, Huasheng, Feimante, etc.
Purified water tankA, standard 11G A. Built-in standard 100LA. Standard 250/500LA. Standard 500L


★Enhanced purification device for source water (PP+AC+KDF+NIPHOS), automatic backwashing and self-cleaning function, no frequent replacement;

The desalination rate of RO reverse osmosis membrane is as high as 99%.

Dynamic flushing function;

★LCD Chinese display screen, the system has "ZYKQ" type special control program or PLC touch screen control to protect the safe operation of the host system, and the weak current process ensures the personal safety of operators;

■ With system power-on self-check, automatic water production, automatic flushing, automatic shutdown of raw water shortage/water tank full, high and low pressure protection, etc.;

★ Real-time online monitoring of water quality with built-in liquid crystal display, RO pure water measurement range 0~200uS/cm (conductivity), conductivity cell sensitivity constant ≤ 0.01cm-1, temperature sensitivity ≤ ± 0.1 ℃, automatic water temperature compensation function, improve water quality accuracy.

■ It has indication functions such as source water indication, flushing indication, water full indication, pure water backup indication, system water shortage, excessive discharge, operation of ultraviolet digestion equipment, etc.;

★Automatic reminder for replacement of consumables and accessories such as pretreatment column, RO membrane, dual-wavelength UV digester, etc., with original consumable chips

identification function;

★Dual-wavelength (185/254nm) UV digestion apparatus and chemical disinfection device ensure excellent sterilization effect;

★Fully automatic one-button chemical disinfection and cleaning function, sterilize the system at any time to ensure the water quality;

■ Standard constant pressure water supply system to ensure the water flow requirements of different water points

Ordering instructions:

The water production volume of this product refers to the rated water volume of the RO membrane when the water temperature is 25°C. For every 1°C drop in the water temperature, the RO membrane water production volume decreases by about 3%. When the water temperature is lower than 5°C, the RO membrane will stop producing water. When ordering the type, the factors of the water temperature drop in winter in the area must be taken into account;

In areas with poor source water quality (TDS>200ppm), the water quality of RO pure water may be reduced to a conductivity of more than 10μS/cm; users with higher water quality requirements are recommended to select a two-stage reverse osmosis + pre-water softener system (multi-media filter + activated carbon filter + water softener).