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Lab Water System
ZYNJQX endoscopy room pure water equipment


ZYNJQX Endoscope Cleaning, Disinfection and Purified Water Equipment is a kind of disinfection cleaning and purification equipment that is in accordance with the requirements of the People's Republic of China Health Industry Standard WS507-2016 (Technical Specifications for Cleaning and Disinfection of Flexible Endoscopes), with exquisite design, low energy consumption, automatic control and unattended control. water extraction system. Using double membrane method [UF+RO+ sterilization device] separation, purification and heat removal technology, the removal of pollutants and bacteria in water reaches 99.6%. This product uses a nano-scale filter membrane to purify the tap water that meets GB5749 into purified water that meets the cleaning and disinfection of hospital endoscopes, and uses a dual-wavelength ultraviolet digestion device for sterilization. Total bacteria <10cfu/100ml.



ModelCompact Bench ModelIndustrial Model
ZYNJQX -C-250L/500LZYR-III-150L/250L/500L/1000L/2000L
Feed water TDS<300ppm, water pressure1.0-5.0kg/cm2, best temperature: 25℃
Water yield20/40/60/100/120L/H150/250/500/1000/2000L/H
Flow Rate1.8L-2L/min15L-30L/min
RO Water qualityConductivity: 2-15μs/cm 
(μs/cm)Partical (0.2um) < 1pc/ml

Microorganism < 0.1cfu/100ml
UV185/254nm Dual-wavelength ultraviolet sterilization digestion instrument
Size(mm) 530×420×1120  700*520*14701500*700*1400
Pre treatment system20 inchesFRP/SS vessel
Application1. vessel washing, student experiments
2. preparation of chemical solution biochemical reagents;
3. buffer, washing machine, autoclave;
4. endoscopic/gastroscope cleaning, biochemistry analyzer, laboratory test, rinsing, final rinse, cleaning fluid preparation
External Pressure A.Standard 40L or 100L water tank A. Standard water supply system
Water Tank 


★Enhanced purification device for source water (PP+AC+KDF+NIPHOS), automatic backwashing and self-cleaning function, no frequent replacement;

★The United States original Dow RO reverse osmosis membrane has a desalination rate of up to 99%, and has its own water quality discharge function to prevent secondary pollution of ultrapure water;

★LCD Chinese display screen, the system has "ZYPURE" type special control program to protect the safe operation of the host system, and the weak current process ensures the personal safety of operators;

■ With power-on self-test, water shortage protection alarm, automatic shutdown when full of water, ultra-low pressure protection and other functions;

■ The RO membrane is automatically flushed, and the system automatically flushes after the boot time is 18 seconds and the water is completed;

★The built-in liquid crystal display shows the conductivity of the water (uS/cm);

★ Online 1-channel water quality monitoring, RO pure water measurement range 0~20uS/cm (conductivity), UP ultrapure water measurement range 0~20uS/cm (conductivity), conductivity cell sensitivity constant ≤ 0.01cm-1, temperature sensitivity ≤±0.1℃, automatic water temperature compensation function to improve the accuracy of water quality.

■ Adopt more advanced and user-friendly membrane button operation to take water;

■ It has indication functions such as source water indication, flushing indication, water full indication, pure water backup indication, system water shortage, excessive discharge, operation of ultraviolet digestion equipment, etc.;

★Automatic reminder for replacement of consumables and accessories such as pretreatment column, RO membrane, dual-wavelength UV digestion instrument, etc., with the function of chip identification of original consumables;

★Built-in consumables statistics controller, which has the function of statistics on the usage time of consumables and the amount of treated water, and can remind customers to replace consumables through the buzzer alarm;

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The Working Process of Cleaning Pure Water Machine

Small machine: 20-120 litters per hour

Cleaning Pure Water Machine

1. Pre-treatment filters: PP+AC+PP

PP(5um): filtrate rust, silt, colliod, suspended matter, microparticles, microorganism and other impurities.

AC: adsorb residual chlorine, odor, color, smell, etc.

2. RO membrane: desalinization rate >99%; bacteria, endotoxin removal rate >99%;

3. Ultrapure cartridge: use mixed bed resin to produce 10-18.25MΩ.cm ultrapure water.

4. Disinfection: UV lamp and ozone generator.


Large machine: 150-2000 litters per hour


1. Quartz sand filter-- get rid of turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, ect

2. Active carbon filter--Remove the color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter, ect.

3. Softener filter--exchange "ions" of calcium and magnesium with the most common and easiest method.

4. Security filter--prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is usually 5um or 1um.

5. RO system-- main part of the plant. The RO membrane's desalting rate can reach 99%, removing over 99% ions. The accuracy is 0.0001-0.001um.

6. Disinfection-- UV lamp and ozone generator.